“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet” 

Emily Dickinson

Newborn & Family Portrait Photographers in Surrey

In 2021 nothing matters more than family. In a new world of isolation and uncertainty and no small measure of anxiety we turn to our closest loved ones to find peace and comfort. Sometimes we haven’t seen family in any way other than a low bitrate zoom chat. Grandparents are isolated and remote, watching their grandchildren grow and evolve into new people – a new generation.

We don’t think that people should make do with poor quality, pixelated relationships! Establish who you are today. Mark the occasion, and tell the story of your family. Keep everyone updated.

You might be in your own world, getting ready for your new baby while the rest of the planet seems to be spinning out of control. It’s a crazy time already, without relentless Covid chaos, or political apocalypse knocking at your door. It might be time to celebrate your own private bubble and take advantage of some enforced isolation. Our newborn portrait gives you another excuse to shut the world out for a few moments, marking the time in all of your lives when everything changed…

We know that things are tough – As of October 2020 we’ve deferred all of our wedding business to at least 2021 or 2022 and nobody knows what’s next.

So we’ve cut our family and newborn photography price list to accommodate and to keep us out there in work. This is important stuff. Continuing with strength and positivity. Giving our children a sense of pride in family, and positivity in a new normal. There’s never been a more vital time to express who we are, as parents, as children, and as human beings.

Sessions are fun, easy, and stress free, with me wearing a face-mask and giving you space. All you have to do is be up for shaking it all off and enjoying spending some time together in some break out space.


£250 £150

(For a Limited Time)

Newborn bundles of joy are sensitively photographed for you when you’re ready after the birth. We’ll come to your house and create some beautiful modern portraits to welcome your baby into the world!

Portrait Sessions are a great option if you want some pictures of you or maybe one of your children – it’s all possible.

1-2 hour session
Comfortable in the natural surroundings of your own home.
Minimum 20 High Resolution Digital Files

Bump Sessions

£200 £150

When you’re around 30-34 weeks, it’s great to have a portrait of you in all of your pregnant glory!

We do a lovely lifestyle photo session where we focus on just you, or both of you with your bump. It really marks out how far you’ve come and celebrates togetherness and family in such a unique way.

We always do these sessions with both Jason and Carrie.

Bump to Baby

£300 £250

Bundle together your Bump and Newborn sessions for the full bundle!


£350 £250

Connections can be you and your family in a relaxed environment, a  siblings portrait, or a couple. Shot in natural light, on location  or with studio lighting where required.

Approximately 1 hour session
A place of your choice, or we can find a location together.
Minimum 20 High Resolution Digital Files.

There are plenty of framing and book presentation options which we can discuss so please do get in touch.


We really wanted to simplify everything:

There aren’t any hidden costs – No viewing sessions to get you to spend more money.

We take your Photos…

We send you your beautiful fine art images, in high resolution without watermarks. You can download and keep these.

Please use our contact form below to arrange your session

We have frames, canvases, and all kinds of products available to buy, and we can talk you through any of our range of products. Most people want a couple of prints, but it’s completely up to you. 

Ask about our ‘Print Pack’ options for some great value print bundles to keep and share.

We offer location shoots to suit your schedule and we also offer sessions with studio lighting and backdrops. It’s all about logistics and working together to make sure you get the unique portrait you want in a relaxed and professional setting.

“The Family Portrait Sessions are all about who we are in time and place. Us. Together as people, as family, and looking forward as parents. Emily Dickinson’s quote above is a beautiful rumination on just how fleeting the important moments of life are. That 1st birthday can’t be repeated. Our first steps. A child losing her first tooth! My young family is growing rapidly and as time zips by I’m developing real keepsakes and photographic time capsules to take with me, and pass on to them.  I want to make it easier for you to have exactly the same”

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**We are based near to Guildford in Surrey, and to keep costs as low as possible so we can continue to shoot sessions at this price we ask that we can find a location that is convenient and within 1 hour from where we live. We’re happy to come a little further, but we’ll have to talk travel expenses is all.. (Thank You!  x)